Automated Tasks

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Automated tasks with the booking software will ensure the smooth running of even the busiest centre. These include :

  • Prompted confirmation letter printing for all types of bookings. For example when a customer has booked a children's party a confirmation letter can be automatically printed with all the customers details, including the party details as well as the information you wish to pass on such as menu details or a deposit request.


  • Function sheets can be printed for the days business and issued to all departments, thus all staff members have all the relevant information they need to keep your customers happy.


  • All bookings that require a deposit can be printed automatically to for you staff members to ensure that payments are made promptly and the reservations are honoured.


  • When calculating business trends, there is no longer a need to sit for hours with the diary and a calculator, simply choose the date span and booking type and charts and totals are automatically calculated.